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Websites and marketing for home stagers

Websites and marketing for Realtors

Websites and career information for real estate appraisers

Websites and career information for new condo developments

Home Stagers

Home stagers need a beautiful website that provides great curb appeal for their business.

Just a like a Realtor with a house that isn’t staged will have a hard time selling, a website that doesn’t look professional will have a hard time selling you.

Your website from Stager Sidekick will help you generate leads, and will be modern and professional that showcases the great work your do.

Learn more about your new Stager Sidekick website here.


Buyers and Sellers are looking for their next Realtor on the internet. They can easily find any Realtor, but your website shows them that you are the right Realtor.

You will attract more buyers, because buying a home is very personal. They want to learn that you will work well with them.

You will attract more sellers, because selling a home requires marketing. If you market yourself well, then they have confidence that you will effectively market their home.

Your Agent Sidekick website will help you generate leads, and be a valuable resource for your prospects.  Learn more about your Agent Sidekick website here.

Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers need to have a professional website that shows the type of license you hold, your specialties, your service area, and your professional experience.

Potential clients need to ensure that you are qualified to do the types of appraisals that they need completed, your fees, and your time to deliver the appraisal report. Since selecting an appraiser is typically based on objective measures, your website needs to clearly show your qualifications.

Your Appraiser Sidekick website will help you generate leads, and be an important resource to highlight your credentials and qualifications.  Learn more about your Appraiser Sidekick website here.

Condominium Developments

Condominium developments need a stunning website to showcase the new building.

A website for a condo development is an important sales and marketing tool.  The website highlights the building, the unit layouts, the features, and the amenities.  It explains how the location, location, location is where the potential buyer wants to live.  It gives the potential buyer confidence that the architect and builder have created a truly amazing product.

Your Development Sidekick website will be a valuable resource for your potential buyers as a showcase for your distinctive development.

Contact us to learn more about your new Development Sidekick website here.

Do you have more than one Real Estate specialty?

Do you do multiple jobs in real estate?  Maybe you are a Realtor and a Home Stager.  Or maybe an Appraiser and a Realtor.  Possibly you have a specialty that we don’t list in our product line, such as home inspector, interior designer, architect, or developer.

You would want a website that showcases everything you can offer.  We can help you highlight your multiple specialties on your website.  Contact us to discuss your needs and get special pricing.

Do you run a Small Businesses that is not in real estate?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you.  Although our specialty is working with individuals and businesses in the real estate industry, we also make websites for any type of small business.  We will really want to learn you business and your needs, so will definitely take more time with you in the beginning to make sure we have enough solid information to make a website that is right for you.  We have done it before, and we would like the opportunity to work with you.

Contact us to discuss your needs and get special pricing.

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